Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Zero-Waste: Fashion Re-Patterned - photos

Zero-Waste: Fashion Re-Patterned, curated by Arti Sandhu, is open until April 16 - that's Saturday next week, so be sure to visit A + D Gallery at Columbia College Chicago. Thank you to Jennifer Murray, Gallery Director, and Megan Ross, Preparator, for sending the installation photographs. I've also included some process photos.

One of my grandmother's sheets from the 1940s with the patching visible; I used two of these.

Some process for the pyjama pants (see page from Julian Roberts' book):

The final pattern:

Above, a paper folding exercise for the pyjama top and below, the final pattern.
The pyjamas in the exhibition:

Fioen van Balgooi (Refinity) and Berber Soepboer:

Holly McQuillan:

Padmaja Krishnan:

A Magazine - I used to give these instructions for a sock jumper by Maison Martin Margiela to my students back at UTS so it was great to see them included here:

Artisanal by Maison Martin Margiela:

Nick Cave:

Derick Melander:


Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Timo! I'm fan of your great simple patterns! You have also lots of wonderful and interesting things in your blog!
I was really happy to find 'Nero' from your blog list! I do appreciate!
Sunny wishes from Cretan spring! Teje

All the World's a Fashion Stage said...

Fabulous Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom !

Angela said...

Hi Timo,
My name is Angela Gray and I own a fabric shop and sewing lounge in Fort Collins, Colorado called Mama Said Sew. Each year we partner with the Sustainable Living Association to put on a fashion show during their annual Sustainable Living Fair. The fashion show consisted of garments local designers have created with re-purposed, vintage, or thrifted materials. This year I would love to explore zero-waste patterns and in my online research I came across your site. Do you know if there are any commercial patterns available at this time? Or do you have any ideas as to how I can get my eager little fingers on zero-waste patterns?

Your help is much appreciated!

My email address is mama@mamasaidsew.com

Begitta said...

Hi Timo,
My name is Begitta Stolk, I am an emerging Fashion Designer in Australia with my label “Begitta” (www.begitta.com)
I attended the Australian Fashion Council Forum last week, in which we skyped with you. I just wanted to introduce myself and commend you on your work and research and all that you are doing in creating a better environment for fashion and the world. I wholeheartedly believe that we as new designers of the world can create waste free, or considerably less waste, world of manufacturing, if we only do the research to utilise these wastes.

When I started my collection in college I found that I was so in love with my fabrics (and trims) that I kept all my offcuts and scraps. Having studied millinery I utilised all these scraps creating headpieces for the collection from the remaining fabric. Its slightly disconnected from creating a pattern that produces no waste. But a contribution (or less of a contribution to landfill) is a contribution!

Thankyou for being part of the forum, its fantastic to see that changes can be made and these changes can make a difference.

It would be great to get contact details from you to get some tips for my visit to NYC also!

Kudos and best wishes!

Begitta Stolk

Tullia said...

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Great photos looks like an amazing exhibition!

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Roxanne said...

Simple, creative and zero waste! Really impressive!