Sunday, June 01, 2008

turtle run

The project is keeping me from posting, and this is even more off-topic than usual, but definitely worth a post.

August 10 will see my fourth City2Surf, a 14 km run from the city to Bondi Beach. This year I'm doing two things differently: I'll start training before August (I've already started) and I'll be running for charity. The Australian Conservation Foundation is my charity of choice, and perhaps unrealistically, I'm hoping to raise $100 for every painful but fun kilometre. You can donate at my Everyday Hero (not my choice of name) page here; please do. The Mary River Turtle is just one of the many species benefiting from the work the ACF does, and who could say no to a turtle with this haircut:

(Photo: Chris Van Wyk)

Other aim: to cut 2 minutes from my time last year. I was that much over from qualifying for the fastest start group this year: peeps who finished in 75 minutes or less last year. I spent longer in the portaloo queue along the way so that's one thing to avoid. Quite possibly I was the only male not to use the large trees in Rose Bay, but let's see...

But, please donate. The turtles won't thank you but I will. And do consider walking or running on the day. If you'd told me five years ago I'd be describing a run as fun, I'd have laughed. But it is.

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An said...

I secretly wish i could fun-run, but the crowds and heat kinda get to me- that activity is not at all flattering to my Eastern European complexion.
I want to run through bushlands, just need to loose a bit of mass so I don't do too much irrepairable joint damage- i am working on that, seriously. Far less danger of being photographed running in the bush too.

One of my favourite similies is "like a turtle stampeding through peanut-butter" i can't remember where I read it- you may recall it being used on one or more occasions... it is often such an accurate description for my thesis life.