Tuesday, March 17, 2009

busy busy busy

The short of it: I spent January writing, started the job at the start of February, writing stopped. It's about to start again this week; over the weekend I read much of what I'd written, and it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd feared.

As well as teaching, I've been busy (an understatement) with an exciting project, more on which later. But there is a little bit about it here.

No promises about whether this blog will ever get back to speed again (I'd like it to) but here are a few lines, courtesy of Zoe, that gave me a laugh. And that probably tells us that doing a PhD is not so good for one's sense of humour.

Q: What is your ontological position in regards to your research?
A: Um, I can't afford to go to the gynecologist at the moment...

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Zoe said...

Babelfish poems, based on a ridiculous conversation in Timo's office:

Timo and Zoe giggle hysterically at the thought of identifying their ontological positions.

Timo and Zoe hee hee smiling hysteria thought that ontology position idea opportunity.

or, my favourite (Zoe means life in greek):

The hysteria of grin Timo and his Life hee hee thought that occasion idea of place of ontology.