Monday, August 24, 2009

a weekend writing retreat...

...that was somewhat railroaded by food poisoning. I nevertheless managed a solid start on the edits as mentioned in the last post, and a two-hour walk around the Cape Byron Lighthouse on Sunday morning.

The view north, from the forest walk from Byron Bay proper to the lighthouse:

The view south:

Another northerly view across the Bay from the lighthouse:

Two humpback whales making their way north - when they should have been going south - between two kayaks:

A closer view:

Whilst these two kayakers were taken somewhat by surprise (the whales simply swam straight for them), about ten minutes earlier an idiot from a larger group of kayaks made a beeline for the whales, despite clear regulations to stay away. Anyway, there were another two whales further out to sea, as well as a pod of about fifty dolphins that went majestically past the lighthouse.

A somewhat fearless Laughing Kookaburra also watching the whales and dolphins:

An Australian Brush-Turkey at the car park; these guys were everywhere:

A Masked Lapwing at the beach; their calls were incessant, night and day:

It's spring for everyone, including these Greater Crested Terns:

A farewell message I stumbled upon yesterday morning:


cheree said...

And silly me, I always thought kookaburras were mythological or something...

Timo Rissanen said...

Their 5am laughing choruses can be very real...