Monday, September 14, 2009

Rachael Cassar at Estethica S/S 2010 at LFW

Rachael Cassar is a friend and a former student, who is showing at Estethica as part of London Fashion Week for the first time. Rachael won the Media Prize of the Australian final of the 2006 Lancôme Colour Design Awards (another staff member and I did an all-nighter with the students for that - there was definitely something comical about trying to ensure the cleaners wouldn't vacuum the sequins off the floor at 5am...) and she was the overall winner of Mittelmoda in 2007. At Estethica, there are at least two other Aussies listed: Mark Liu, an Estethica veteran, and Bird Textiles. Rachel Bending from Bird Textiles was one of the speakers at the Fashioning Now symposium.

I was fortunate enough to attend the launch of Rachael's latest collection Ruby at the Belvoir St Theatre. Trade shows can be pretty harrowing so best of luck to all three, and Rachael, I reckon it's a good omen the wheel on your suitcase broke at the airport :) Rachael works with secondhand garments and fabrics, reworking them - much of the work is done by hand - into new, beautiful things.

Images from Ruby by Rachael Cassar 2009 (currently waiting on credits).

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