Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Lifecycles at UTS

Sydneysiders, today (I think - I'm lost in time zones) UTS is hosting Lifecycles, a seminar on sustainable fashion organized by Professor of Advanced Textiles, Marie O'Mahony. And what a line-up!

Jon Lewis was my photography teacher way back in 1997 and he would probably be horrified to know I still occasionally hold a camera. A truly inspirational man, though, and a co-founder of Greenpeace Australia.

I met Bronwyn Darlington while working on a project with Grant Young. A pioneer of sustainable fashion in Sydney; so sorry to miss her talk.

Alison Gwilt - I don't need to explain. We continue working together on Fashioning Now; the book is coming together very well. I will be able to post details soon.

Mark Liu, a UTS and CSM graduate and a zero-waste designer. It's good to know that despite my leaving zero-waste is getting talked about at UTS. It feels like a circle closing, kind of. I started my PhD on zero-waste fashion design in 2004 when Mark was finishing his undergraduate collection at UTS and was delighted to hear he'd later taken it up for his MA at CSM. I do have reservations, however, about whoever wrote some of the press releases about Mark's work around 2007/2008, with claims that didn't hold. Also, at times certain sections of those releases read somewhat similar to the paper I presented in Denmark in 2005 but the paper wasn't ever acknowledged in those. Dear PR folks, it's good practice to cite your sources and give credit where credit is due. Anyhow, this is very short notice; I believe the talk is at 9am this morning. Attend if you can!

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