Thursday, August 19, 2010

New York Times on Parsons and Loomstate

Thank you to Stephanie Rosenbloom at the New York Times. Sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning the article on the Parsons and Loomstate collaboration went live, and life has been somewhat busy since. I'd like to welcome all my new followers, and apologize to all of you still waiting on a response to an email or phone message; I'm getting there slowly. 

It's an absolute delight that so many deserving designers have received additional attention as a result.

'Normal' posting to resume soon.

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Corinne Okada said...

Wonderful article and great photos! Thank you for posting the article link here. I did not realize that you were Parsons’ first-ever assistant professor of fashion design and sustainability and am looking forward to your book on the subject. Will there be a blog tracking the class explorations in zero waste jeans design?