Sunday, October 03, 2010

Kudos to IVANAHelsinki (and shame on Ivana Trump)

Two weeks ago I managed to squeeze in an hour at NY fashion week to catch IVANAHelsinki's show. My shoddy video of the finale above, made even shoddier by Blogger. IVANAHelsinki is a Finnish brand led by Paola Suhonen, with Paola's sister Pirjo playing an integral role, too. Congratulations to both, and thank you for your hospitality! It was great to be surrounded by so many Finns in the audience.

During that week IVANAHelsinki received perhaps more publicity than they'd bargained for. Ivana Trump, primarily known for divorcing and posing, is suing the brand. The whole thing is hilariously ridiculous in that only-in-America kind of way. New York Post wrote on the story here. A British documentary on Ivana Trump (at 4.55):

Anyhow, below are some of my favourites from 'Where The Fuck Is My Sailor?' by IVANAHelsinki for SS2011. Enjoy!

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