Tuesday, April 08, 2008

just who do you think you are?

Anyone else tired of reading the endless reports of Philippe Starck declaring design dead? It reminds me of that wonderful time in the nineties when Mr Giorgio Armani declared fashion dead*. And more recently, the death notice of the It Bag. So, here's my declaration:

I DECLARE DECLARING THINGS DEAD, DEAD (or at least tedious, unless of course the subject really is dead).

*It was so long ago that I couldn't find any links, but I do remember Gianni Versace kindly suggesting in response that Mr Armani should consider retirement. Then Mr Versace was declared dead.


taru said...

Jee, miten helppo oli löytää mun blogi? terveisin naapuria pelkäävä

Timo Rissanen said...

loysin eka lumikin, sielta plokilistan ja sielta sut. terveisin pomoa pelkaava (se toinen paikka...)