Saturday, January 09, 2010


So, I managed to change the profile just before I flew out of Sydney: I am indeed in New York now, and started a new job this week. I'd like to pass my heartfelt thanks to colleagues at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), for seven amazing years. I'd also like to pay tribute to Val Horridge, who left at the same time as me, after 22 years at UTS. Val taught me (and most of the Sydney fashion industry, I think) way back when, and it has been a privilege to come back and work with her. I look forward to hearing about her next adventures. Again, thank you, all the lovely people at UTS. I hope our paths continue crossing in the future.

This week I am meeting with Tara St James of Study NY and Caroline Priebe of Uluru; both are involved in 5 in 1, a design collective based in Brooklyn, not far from where I've found my first NYC home. I've been meaning to blog about Tara's work since she emailed me shortly after the last NY fashion week, but as is evident from the blog, I haven't blogged at all since the dust storm. (I clearly survived it; I wish I could say the same about my workload over the past four or five months.) Anyway, I very much look forward to meeting both. In a not-so-unexpected coincidence, Lynda Grose suggested just a few days ago that I get in touch with Caroline, only a few days after Tara had passed her details onto me.

In other news, Fashioning Now will be traveling to the Fremantle Arts Centre later this year, and Alison Gwilt and I are working hard on the book. As publication dates firm up, I'll post them (tentatively) here. If I've learned one thing about how these things work, it's that any dates regarding publication should always be treated with somewhat flexible eyes...

Finally (though there is so much I could write about after such a long break), thanks once again to the Fashion & Textiles program at UTS. My farewell present from the team was two scarves hand-woven by Liz Williamson, which I absolutely love. If you're unfamiliar with her scarves, find them and check them out. You will have them for life. I now have four. Thank you.

More soon. Thank you NYC for the warmest welcome!


Ali-bell said...

Now that you're not at my uni anymore, I find it way less creepy to admit that I read your blog. congratulations on your new job! we'll miss you!

Timo Rissanen said...

Thanks Ali! All the best this year; it'll be like an emotional aneurysm but enjoy as much as you can.