Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Parsons 2010 Show

At work we've referred to this as the Five Schools Show - the Schools of Fashion, Art, Media & Technology, Design Strategies, Art & Design History & Theory and Constructed Environments are coming together within the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center to share accomplishments over the past year. I'd like to congratulate a colleague, Jonathan Kyle Farmer, who designed the School of Fashion exhibit: The Periodic Table of Fashion Elements. Congratulations to all the other schools, too: the space is looking amazing (I will take photos of all the exhibits later). The show opens today at noon. It will be ready :) Check it out fast - it comes down after Monday! Special thanks to Daisy Wong, whom you see on the ladder in many of the photos, and thanks to the whole team from the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center led by Radhika Subramaniam.


Zoe said...

This looks amazing, congratulations! Wish I could be there to see it in person. The periodic table is a great idea, I like Zw best.

Timo Rissanen said...

Thanks Zoe, Kyle's idea works beautifully. Shame that the whole thing has to come down on Monday night; the School of Constructed Environments spent days building their amazing structure (photos to follow)

Timo Rissanen said...

btw, the pee-yellow tiles are the sustainability component and i did those tiles (kyle did the rest). am no graphic designer for sure, but had fun doing them.