Thursday, May 20, 2010

Parsons 2010 Show - some of the sustainability tiles

Here are some of the tiles I created for the sustainability section in the School of Fashion exhibit in the Parsons 2010 Show. I should note, Jonathan Kyle Farmer made the process very easy and fun for me by having a template to work towards.

The School of Fashion Sustainability Manifesto:

A Sydney friend's laundry as part of the exhibition:

Hee Lim's thesis collection:

An adjustable dress whose designer I've misplaced - to be fixed soon!

Dress by Jayme Cyk:

Some of my play from three years ago:

Images from the repair workshops in February:
On a not entirely unrelated note, having just looked through over a hundred line sheets, couple of tips regarding photography to fashion students worldwide:
  1. You should NEVER model your own collection in a line sheet. Not only does it seem narcissistic, you should be directing the shoot and seeing how things look through the camera. I mean, are you going to take photos of you to an interview? Seriously.
  2. Places you should NEVER shoot your collection in: your bedroom/living room (lazy); a garden/back yard (naff beyond words)


Patricia Voto said...

Hi Timo!

Why don't you think line sheets should be photographed in a garden/backyard? I tried my collection on both a white studio space and outside- I preferred outside(oops, it was my backyard)!


Timo Rissanen said...

Oh shoot, busted! Well, not really, I totally wasn't thinking of your work here! Yours worked because the background was just that - a background. I've looked through so many linesheets where the clothes compete for attention with someone's prized rosebush, ugly garden furniture, etc. Plus that one image with the blurry horizon as the background gives the overall group depth while retaining the same mood. Colours work, too; your clothes are quite light while the green is quite dark so the clothes and the model kind of pop out.

Maybe it's a teacher thing in me, too. Whenever I get a 'garden linesheet' (I do get them a lot!) I tend to think the student did the shoot five minutes before leaving the house on the day the work was due. Just like I used to when I was a student :) (Still better than the university toilet, shot on a fellow student. I've seen that, too.)

Btw, anyone else reading this, I'm way overdue on posting about Patricia's beautiful work. Tara did so check it out:

Patricia Voto said...

Haha you're not busted! Being a product designer, line sheets & look books were new territory- so I wasn't sure how to approach it. After the white backdrop didn't look work we moved to the outdoors. I could see why you would think it looks like it was done in 5 minutes- gardens usually required effort on set up.

This is great feedback nonetheless, now I know what not to do in the future! Note to self: no garden line sheets!

Have a great weekend, Timo!

Anne Richardson Collection said...

SOOOO happy to have found your site. Anne Edwards.Los Angeles. Can I contact you to ask some questions?

Timo Rissanen said...

Of course Anne! I am still away with heinously unreliable internet connection but back in NYC on Aug 8 and back in business from then. And this has just reminded me: Patricia, I've wanted to post about your work for so long but family stuff has consumed me for nearly two months. Soon, promise.