Thursday, June 17, 2010


Terry Fox, Resurrectine, 2007

The Junky Styling Wardrobe Surgery is an extension of Resurrectine, a fantastic exhibition at the Ronald Feldman Gallery. I spent a good hour again yesterday checking it out. The exhibition has been extended by a month to July 23 so do see it. I don't have images for two of my favourite works but I'm going back on Saturday to say goodbye to Annika and Kerry so will get photos of them then. In the meanwhile, I adore the things I've included here.

The artists include:
Udi Aloni, Elaine Angelopoulos, Eleanor Antin, Cory Arcangel, Ina Archer, Kenseth Armstead, Conrad Atkinson, Brandon Ballengeé, Guy Ben-Ner, Sanford Biggers, Chris Burden, Luca Buvoli, Nick Cave, Gordon Cheung, Sue Coe, Liz Cohen, Brody Condon, Keith Cottingham, Chris Doyle, eteam (Franziska Lamprecht & Hajoe Moderegger), Alessandra Exposito, Roy Ferdinand, Terry Fox, Yishay Garbasz, Rico Gatson, George Gittoes, Leon Golub, Brent Green, Jane Hammond, Kelly Heaton, Christine Hill, Shih-Chieh Huang, Junky Styling (Annika Sanders & Kerry Seager), Peggy Jarrell Kaplan, Suzanne Lacy, Deborah Lawrence, Jae Rhim Lee, Ellen Levy, Jane Marsching, Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, David McDevitt, Lori Nix, David Opdyke, Pepón Osorio, Sarah H. Paulson, Frank Perrin, William Pope L, Erika Roth, Christy Rupp, Jason Salavon, Alan Scarritt, Dread Scott, Andrew Sendor, Marie Sester, Paul Shambroom, Todd Siler, Eve Sussman and Melissa Dubbin & Aaron Davidson, Mark Tribe, Mark Wagner, Carrie Mae Weems, Hannah Wilke.

From the press release:
The Feldman Gallery will present Resurrectine, a large-scale group show of more than fifty artists. The selection of artworks embraces the notion of transformation – the creative act of taking form, appearance, nature, character, or meaning, and making it new again. The title of the exhibition is based on the name of the fictive elixir which restores life as imagined by Raymond Roussel in his 1914 novel Locus Solus and “rebottled” by the conceptual artist Terry Fox in 2007.
Resurrectine, the exhibition, is a guide to the always changing possibilities of language, signifying a rebirth and an expansion or narrowing of language, which in turn is linked to the visions of artists. In the spirit of the fanciful conceit of Roussel’s potion, the theme introduces new ways of thinking and the power of creativity.

As a form of time travel, the artworks incorporate contradictions: a low budget home video reenacts Moby Dick; a Medieval painting of the Resurrection becomes a video game; a flash animation combines the looting of Iraq’s antiquities with 3-Card Monte; trees inhabit libraries and museums exhibit human taxidermies; a mirror transforms the viewer’s reflection into that of Andy Warhol; doilies are stained with menstrual blood and Audubon prints are productively vandalized. We are also engaged by the invention of nursing, fallen angels, a parent’s footsteps to a concentration camp, remembered spaces, the story of the Black film industry, escapes from death, Old Masters reborn, a Cheshire Cat, apocalypse management, a living electronic painting, reenacted famous protest speeches, and dozens of other resurrectines. Resurrectine is a state of mind, and multi views have been welcomed.

Special thanks to Sean Elwood, Director of Artists Programs, Creative Capital.
Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 – 6:00. Monday by appointment.
31 Mercer Street, New York, New York 10013
212 226-3232 fax 212 941-1536

Rico Gatson, Angela, 2007

Kenseth Armstead, Spook poster Jamie Foxx, 2010Dread Scott, Triangle Shirt Waist, 2001

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