Sunday, June 13, 2010

Julian Roberts & J.R. Campbell NYC workshops 11-12 June 2010

Firstly, to those 1265 of you waiting on me to respond to emails etc. I am so very sorry. I am currently doing about three full-time jobs' worth of work (in fact, about to head to the office on a Sunday morning) while dealing with the excruciating stress of being far away from a very sick grandmother and a very sick sister. I will be with both in a week, still hoping for a different trip to my last in October 2008. Anyhow, all will be up-to-date within two weeks or so. Not good enough in so many respects but this is how it is.

Yesterday and Friday were a fantastic break from some of the above; I left the workshops with Julian Roberts and J.R. Campbell inspired and reinvigorated. Thank you both, and thank you Sandy Ericson from Center for Pattern Design for organising, Matthew Stewart from Kent State University NY Studio for looking after everyone and Rachel Poulter for the constant encouragement and help. If Julian is coming to a town near you over the next month, attend! Sandy has the details; it seems Ryerson is already sold out so folks in Vancouver and St Helena, get in quick!

Cutting to the chase, here are my photos from the two days:

I want all of these posters:

View from Julian's living room:
My notes:

Some of Julian's teaching tools:
What Julian prepared earlier:
What Sandy prepared earlier:
Printed fabric by J.R. Campbell, sewn into a tube with a black and white stripe fabric. Leave one end of the tube open.
The man in action:

My play after Julian's demo; thank you Shelley for helping out with fabric! Of course I couldn't resist making a non-subtraction zero-waste subtraction dress (I used slashes instead of cutting out circles to make the tunnel). I will eventually unpick the garment, take a proper pattern and share on here; mine was made with three holes:

My colleague Yvonne Watson working with Sandy on her dress and the beautiful result:

Photos from the show and tell; congratulations to all:

Julian and J.R. showing the tube; pattern by Julian, textile design by J.R.; J.R. with the finished dress:

Some of my textile play. I'm working on something for the 2010 International Fashion Art Biennale in Seoul; this was kind of a quick hybrid of that and Julian's pattern:

Sydney September 2010 dust storm meets Julian Roberts:

Give it a go!

To finish off, the most beautiful off-cuts I've seen:


Holly said...

AWESOME! I so wish i could have been there. What wonderful work. I think it's time to get Julian down to the southern hemisphere!

Timo Rissanen said...

Let's work on that soon :)

Evita Cassidy said...

I quite like the yellow dress, Avant Guard Happy!

Kenneth said...

Wow!Such lovely designer clothes.May I know what different hemp patterns can be used for making designer tops ?

Timo Rissanen said...

Thanks for popping by Evita and Kenneth!

Corinne Okada said...

Wow! so inspiring. I so wish I could have been there, too. Thank you for documenting the process. Love seeing the sketches, cutting and final pieces. Amazing.

J.R. Campbell said...

Timo - Thanks for this posting, it's great!!

I am also creating work for the Korea Fashion Art Biennale; will I see you there? I really like the approach using digital print and subtraction cutting that you posted. We'd be happy to do the printing for you in Kent!

I think you should have a chat with Julian about coining the term " zero-subtraction". :)



Timo Rissanen said...

Um, Corinne and JR, I published your comments but for some reason they are not appearing. Not sure if there's a time limit; I've limited internet access hence the delay in getting on here. Hopefully they will appear later!

Timo Rissanen said...

Thanks again J.R.; yes, the aim is firmly on Korea! And thankfully all the comments are finally showing.

Thanks again for hosting this great event!

Rauni Abbott said...

Pidän keltaisesta mekosta.Onnistunut
hyvin. Julianin metodi antaa paljon mahdollisuuksia, varsinkin jos sen yhdistää omaan tapaansa työstää

Timo Rissanen said...

Kiitos Rauni, taidat olla taman blogin ensimmainen suomenkielinen kommentoija! :)

dorie said...

i'am flabbergasted... thanks Timo, such an interesting, detailed post and fantastic results of this workshop. Don't have time to go to all the links, but I'll come back to read it more slowly. Want to learn this, who will come to the Netherlands!

Aha Rw said...

just wondering what are the holes labelled a and b? can't seem to figure them out...

Timo Rissanen said...

i'd suggest getting julian's book: it explains everything beautifully. available from here: