Thursday, March 27, 2008


An interesting business concept: one owned by consumers, nvohk. (Having run -badly- a brand called USVSU once upon a time, I can say from experience that creative brand name spellings can be a blessing and a curse.) There seems to be little information as to what the eventual product line will be like but I hope against hope this is not another venture pushing god-awful organic cotton t-shirts. I won't name names but too many of them produce what is essentially compost, from an aesthetic point of view.

I found nvohk through, where there are some interesting posts, though posting doesn't seem too regular. But, pot calling the kettle... green? Speaking of green, the header bugs me for its touting of another 'eco-cliche', a photo of a forest. My original supervisor, Dr Cameron Tonkinwise, actually ran a project once where the undergrad students had to design a logo for a sustainability initiative that didn't use the colour green, the globe or sphere in any form nor any type of plant. Think about it, eh?

Finally, an article on sustainable fashion by Tiffany Choy, that provides some background to FutureFashion, which I was going to pick on here at the time but never got around to (timber catwalk - see previous paragraph). I guess my worry was that because of the show, and based on one dress per brand, consumers might somehow misconstrue companies like Versace, Givenchy or Yves Saint Laurent as 'eco-friendly'. I don't doubt the desire to be so exists within the companies that took part but most still have a long, long way to go.

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