Wednesday, March 26, 2008

open your diaries, and educators, look up!

At the moment the amount of writing is making my fingers and brain bleed, hence the lack of posting. I'd be lying if I said this year, with the exhibition(s), thesis submission, the possible show in December and the rest weren't making me nervous. At times it's terrifying. But enough whine and onto business:

UC Davis is hosting a free (good on them!) symposium: “Designing with Conscience: A Sustainable Fashion Symposium” on Sunday, May 18. The list of confirmed speakers certainly looks promising: Lynda Grose is part of the line-up.

And this from Fashioning an Ethical Industry, a Labour Behind the Label project, which couldn't be timelier: Teaching Resources "that will provide educators on fashion-related courses with a variety of ideas to enable them to teach corporate social and environmental responsibility issues." As I noted then, there was a general desire at the IFFTI08 conference for more knowledge among fashion design and technology educators on issues of sustainability, and this looks like a great start.

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